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Spring Sidewalk Sale 2024

Our Annual Sidewalk Sale – 

Hosted by The Quilting Studio Fabric Mercantile

Table Cost is $10.00

  •       Sale items are limited to quilting, sewing, & craft items only.
  •       You will bring your own table 30” x 72” or less.
  •       You will bring your items already priced & ready for you to set up.
  •       Set-up time is from 9-10 day of sale.
  •       You are responsible for your own change & keeping up with your money/tax. QSFM is not responsible for stolen/lost items/cash.
  •       You must price your items.
  •       You will clean up your area after sale (take down is from 3 - 4pm)
  •       Vendors will park in back and come through shop.


Helpful Checklist

  •       Pre plan - Gather/organize/clean/price sale items early.
  •       Stickers for pricing
  •       Gather bags for sale items.
  •       Table – pre plan your layout, make everything look inviting.
  •       Create your misc. table signs.
  •       Get money box or better fanny pack & change. Don’t accept checks unless you are willing to take risk of bounce checks.
  •       Think about who you are going to donate your leftover items to
  •      Have a buddy to help you for breaks.



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