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Pre - Cut Kits

We now offer Precut Pieced Quilt Kits!!!

Come in and check out our Standard & Precut Pieced Quilt Kits

Standard Quilt Kits VS Precut Pieced Quilt Kits

Standard Quilt Kits are great! They are conveniently packaged and all the components you need are included. No hassle of having to pick fabrics, color combos, or amount requirements – it’s all done for You! Just cut out your pieces and start sewing.

Precut Pieced Quilt Kits take it one step further. All the individual pieces are cut out for you. Just sit down and start sewing. These wonderful kits include pre-cut pieces so you don’t have to try and cut perfect shapes. They also come with a few extra pieces just in case of mistakes (we’ve all been there, right?). These are great for people with arthritis, people who hate cutting out, or working quilters that want to quilt but don’t have time to fuss with cutting. No matter why, you just want to create your masterpiece. Bam! Done! Confidence glowing!

Our Kits include a pattern and 100% quilt quality fabric selected especially for that pattern. Our quilt kit labels tell you everything included in the kit: example: fabrics for blocks, sashings, borders, binding, etc. Backing may or may not be included and if it isn’t we offer a big selection for you to choose from. Embellishments, thread, or special templates/rulers are not included.

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