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We have two Sidewalk Sales a year. One in the Spring and one in the Fall. This is an opportunity for our crafting community to sell items that they have made or simply want to destash! 

Here is some helpful information...
Sale items are limited to quilting, sewing, & craft items only.     
You will bring your own table 30” x 72” or less.     
You will bring your items already priced & ready for you to set up.     
Set-up time is from 9-10 day of sale.     
You are responsible for your own change & keeping up with your money/tax. QSFM is not responsible for stolen/lost items/cash.     
You must price your items.     
You will clean up your area after sale (take down is from 3 - 4pm)     
Vendors will park in back and come through shop.
      Pre plan - Gather/organize/clean/price sale items early.     
Stickers for pricing      Gather bags for sale items.     
Table – pre plan your layout, make everything look inviting.    
  Create your misc. table signs.     
Get money box or better fanny pack & change. Don’t accept checks unless you are willing to take risk of bounce checks.     
Think about who you are going to donate your leftover items to

Have a buddy to help you for breaks


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